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>> Friday, February 5, 2010

Okay, it looks like all I did was shop this week. Since moving I've been trying to get on a new shopping schedule. The sales in Kentucky all started on Sunday so I always did my shopping on Monday or Tuesday. Here most sales start on Wednesday so I would end up shopping at the end of the sale cycle and the stores would often be out of some of the items I was looking for. So this week I did a little shopping at the beginning of the week to get a few things we needed as well as pick up a few things from last weeks sale. Then I went out and did my big shopping trip after the new sales ads came out.

Bakery Thrift Store-I was so excited to walk in Monday and find them putting our favorite bread on the Manager's Special table.

I bought:
3 loaved Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat bread $2.37


I bought:
2 Tostitos chips $5
1 Tostitos salsa Free
1 Market Pantry Chickadees $1.29
1 Market Pantry Juice Coolers $1.89
1 Skippy Peanut Butter $1.79 minus .40/1 Q=$1.39
4 Kraft Shredded Cheese $8 minus (2) $1/2 Qs=$6 or $1.50 each
Total on gift card. $0 out of pocket.

Winn Dixie-They have another Make-a-Meal deal this week and my husband loves those.

I bought:
2 Red Baron Cheese Pizza $11.98
1 Bryan Little Smokies Free
1 Tyson Any'tizers Free
1 Edy's Ice Cream Free
1 Coke 2 liter Free
2 pkgs. Sanderson Farm Chicken Tenders B1G1 $5.04
1 pkg. carrots $1.99
Total OOP: $19.01
Total Savings: $20.80


Trip #1:
2 Nabisco Honey Grahams B1G1 $4.23 minus $1/2 Q=$3.23 or $1.62 each
2 Rotel Diced Tomatoes B1G1 $1.39 minus .75/2 Q = .64 cents or .32 cents each
Red Delicious apples @ .69 cents/lb.=$1.15
Total OOP:$5.02
Total savings: $8.87

Trip #2
2 Angel Soft double roll TP $3.78
4 Nabisco Wheat Thins B1G1 $7.18 minus (2)$1/1 Qs and (1) $2/2 Q=$3.18 or .80 cents each
2 Kraft Deluxe B1G1 $2.57 minus $1/2 Q=$1.57 or .79 cents each
4 Juicy Juice 8 pks. B1G1 $5.98 minus (2)$1/2 Qs=$3.98 or $1 each
Breakstone Sour Cream .99 minus .55/1 Q=.44 cents
Kraft Singles $2
@ 4 lbs. Ground Turkey @ $1.99 lb.=$7.81
Simply Smart Milk $3.59 minus $1/1 Q=$2.59
2 A&H Toothpaste B1G1 $2.99 minus (2)$1/1 Qs=.99 cents or .50 cents each
4 Yoplait Trix yogurt B1G1 $5.74 minus (2) $1/2 Qs=$3.74 or .94 cents each
Minus $5/$20 mailer
Total OOP: $25.53
Total Savings: $50.31

Weekly Total: $51.93
Total before sales/discounts: $154.51
2010 Total:$225.03
5 week avg:$45

Did you score any great deals this week? If so, leave your link below. Please link directly to you post.


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