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>> Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm a bargain shopper from way back. I remember the first Christmas my sister and I were given money by our parents for Christmas. While more eager to go out and spend it rather than save it, I was thrifty enough to want to get the very most out of that money. I've always shopped the clearance racks. My husband has learned over the years to not even bother looking at something that isn't on sale. But over the years I've come to realize some of the most fabulous finds aren't on the clearance racks. No, often the really fabulous finds are to be found at thrift stores and yard sales. Now that both of my kidlets are in school I have the time to go and take my time looking for a good deal. So with that new freedom, I recently went to our local Goodwill to look around. For some time now I've been wanting to add a trench coat to my wardrobe. I had no luck with the clearance sales at the end of winter. The few I found were either too big, too small or just not clearanced enough for my budget. Imagine my glee when I found the exact trench coat I've been searching for in my size. It fit perfectly. And it was only $5. I couldn't get it in my cart fast enough. I brought it home, washed it up and it looks perfectly brand new. This one goes into my Thrift Store Find Hall of Fame I believe.

Special thanks to the 8 year old for contributing her photography skills and to the 5 year old for styling my hair for the photo shoot.


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