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>> Sunday, August 16, 2009

There was major decluttering going on around here this week. We had a huge yard sale yesterday. I tried to be ruthless as I went through pretty much the entire house this past week. Now, I'm sure as I begin packing up the house I will continue to find things to get rid of, but we made a lot of progress this week. One thing I discovered while doing this is that I have gotten pretty good at having less stuff over the last several years. Most of what we sold at the yard sale was kid related. And once we convinced them to let go of most of their toys, I think they realized how nice it is to have less to clean up and keep tidy. We sold probably 90% or more of what we had to sell yesterday. I called a lady who works for a local non-profit agency that is hosting a fund raising yard sale soon and she swung by this afternoon and picked up the leftovers. That was nice! So it's all gone.

I'm not going to list all we got rid of but here are some of the highlights:
Little Tikes Playhouse, kitchen & sandbox
Cozy Coupe, bike & skooter
Doll house, easel, & Fisher Price playsets
Dolls, stuffed animals, random toys
air compressor, aquarium stand, crystal stemware
Lots & lots of stuff we just didn't need.

It was so nice to see it all go and know we're not going to have to move it!

I still have clutter to get rid of. Most of it is paper related. For some reason, I'm never sure which ones to toss and which ones to keep. I'm getting better but there are still plenty of bills, EOBs, bank statements, etc. to go through. I've got to figure out better way of dealing with them.

We had the realtor over yesterday to get things in order to get the house ready go on the market. I'll be spending the next week getting rid of as much of "us" as possible which includes simplifying some of the decor and getting rid of more stuff. As I begin packing things up and preparing for our move, I am going to try to take a good, objective look at each item before I pack it. I really want to be able to just unpack the things we need and the things we love in our new home.


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