Coupons 101: Talking The Talk

>> Monday, June 1, 2009

I've had a couple of questions recently from readers who are new to using coupons about the terms I use in some of my posts. Couponing does seem to have it's own language so I thought I'd help clear up some of those questions with some translations.

ECB=Extra Care Buck. You receive these at CVS when you purchase certain items each week. They print on the bottom part of your receipt and you can use them to help pay for future purchases, allowing you to pay very little out of pocket when you combine them with other coupons.
RR=Register Rewards. You receive these at Walgreens and they are similar to ECBs. They print out when you purchase certain products each week.
SCR=Single Check Rebates. These are rebates you can earn monthly by purchasing certain items at Rite Aid.
OOP=Out Of Pocket
$1/1, .50/1, etc.=This means the coupon was $1 off 1 xyz item, .50 cents off 1 xyz item, etc.
B1G1=Buy 1 Get 1
MIR=Mail In Rebate
YMMV=Your mileage may vary. This means it may or may not be available in you area/store or your local store may or may not participate in a particular deal or accept certain coupons.
IP=internet printable-coupons you find online and print at home.
MFG Q=Manufacturer coupon
WYB=when you buy
In Ad Q=Coupons available in the Walgreens sales flyer that you can use to get items at discounted prices.
CRT=cash register tape-Coupons that print out with your receipt when you purchase items at certain stores.
Catalinas=Coupons that print out with with your receipt that offer $$ off your next purchase.
Peelies=Coupons found on packaging that you peel off and use.
Tearpads=Coupons found in stores near certain items for that product.
Blinkies=coupons in those little dipensers found in stores that spit out coupons.

Sunday Coupon Inserts-When listing deals I always try to list which insert a coupon can be found in. Here's the translation for those:
SS=Smart Source
RP=Red Plum
P&G=Proctor & Gamble

I think that covers everything. If you ever have any questions about terms I'm using or would like any specific money saving ideas please feel free to email me. You can contact me through my about me section.


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