Small Ways to Give Big

>> Sunday, November 23, 2008

Welcome back to my series on Small Ways to Give Big. So far we've discussed Winter Heating Donations, Click it to Give it, and Coupon Shopping Freebies. Now it's time for Tip #4.

Small Ways to Give Big Tip #4

Be a Good Neighbor--Your neighborhood is filled with opportunities to give. When you're out raking your leaves, rake your neighbor's leaves too. When that big snowfall comes, shovel your neighbor's driveway as well as your own. If you're making chili or soup for dinner, double the amount you're making and take some over to one of your neighbors. Craving Chocolate Chip cookies, whip up a batch and take part of them over to your neighbor. Invite your neighbors kids over to play with your own kids in the afternoon from time to time. You never know when that mom or dad just might need a break. The opportunities to give to your neighbors are truly endless. And the really wonderful thing about being a good neighbor is that you will be establishing and building friendships as well as building a greater sense of community.

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